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There are many ways to get involved!

Please visit the calendar for an updated list of events, and sign up for our email and volunteer lists to stay in the loop.

You can become a member of the Community Submersibles Project:

You can also train to become a Submersible Pilot! Courses starting in September, 2019.

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Call for artists!

We are looking for painters, animators, experience designers, musicians, filmmakers and other artists to help us show people the heart of exploration. We don’t want to tell people what they should feel, but we want to shift the perspective of the sub from a cold and dead machine to its rightful place as an object of the deepest wonder. We want submersibles to be a place where people can be inspired, feel expressive, and reflect poetically on what it means that we choose to explore. Examples of ways artists can lend their vision:

  • Painting the interiors and exteriors of the subs
  • Creating backdrops for music videos
  • Using the subs in performances
  • Animating submersibles or deep sea animals for our web series


Connect with each other and learn new skills! We are planning monthly events, including:

  • Community work parties
  • Social nights with guest talks, sub movies and open house for the subs
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Dive days and expedition weekends
  • Submersible pilot training

Summer 2019

We are planning lots of dives and other activities for the Fall! Fangtooth is ready to go dive, Noctiluca has completed sea trials and we are ready to start training soon! Sign up using the forms below to hear about the happenings and volunteer opportunities coming up soon.

Volunteer on the subs!

We can’t make this happen without you! If you want to volunteer your enthusiasm, please fill out the following form. You don’t need any special skills although if you have them, we’d love to find the most enriching tasks for your skill set.

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