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What is the Community Submersibles Project?

We are a 300-hearts-strong and growing collective of submersibles enthusiasts, makers, mechanics, fabricators, engineers, dreamers and doers who want to make ocean exploration accessible to all!

Manned submersibles offer one of the most extraordinary, information-rich perspectives of our planet that humanity has explored, yet they have remained financially and logistically out of reach for all but a few.

By growing a cooperatively-owned and operated club of manned submersibles anyone can learn how to use, we offer tangible opportunities for the public to engage with these vessels of wonder and exploration.             

 Join us here!

Our Missions


Grow interest in ocean exploration through visceral experiences of human wonder.


Increase access to submersible diving and engineering by allowing members to work on and operate different types of submersibles.


Improve submersible diving safety and engage a broader audience of submersible enthusiasts through new training and education programs.


Develop culture and community around the spirit of exploration with art and gatherings that showcase the incomparable experience of exploring the deep.

What is a Manned Submersible?

Human-operated, small crafts for underwater exploration.

These relatively small but strong and dexterously mobile vessels are capable of charting great ocean depths. By design, manned submersibles place the human experience front and center in the act of exploration.

The crew sits inside a pressure hull and can peer out of viewports, while life-support systems add oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Manned submersibles have a number of sensor systems, including lights, photo and video cameras, sonar hydrophones, instruments for measuring environmental parameters, scanning sonar, and devices for collecting samples.

Meet our subs

What’s it Like to Dive in a Submersible?

Inner Space travel…

A submersible dive is like going gently into space, if space was completely saturated with magical life.

As mostly land-bound creatures with the occasional foray into the shallows, our senses are unprepared for the surreal experience of entering the deep expanse.

The window ports disappear into the water as you descend. The chaotic soundscape of the surface world dissolves into a still, rich resonance within the chamber of your spaceship. There is a calming of the traveler before the curious journey before him or her; the deep, difficult devotion of the explorer preparing to meet the unknown ahead. You have the acute sensation that you are indeed traveling into the further reaches of our planet and one of the most remote corners of the human experience…

And then…life! A dazzling vertical parade of strange and marvelous life forms enter the frame of your viewing portal. The impossible hues, shapes, textures and movements of never-before-seen creatures and landscapes astound you. The desert you imagined to be deep space is actually a thick soup of teeming life. Suspended in the weightless abyss, a chorus line of unexpected aliens fly in and out of view.

The sensory spectacle is so gorgeous and so bizarre.

Rainbow bells cast nets of glowing dots into a perfect spiral and then collapse and shoot off in a blur.

Tiny eels so thin that their bodies ribbon in the wind as they swim through still water.

Diaphanous blooms with pale petals and delicate, thread-like strands trailing after them.  

Weird blobs and glowing things of unimaginable diversity spin towards you, zoom around, shoot things out of their bodies, change colors and disappear. 

You experience a total and profound awe confronted with such extreme novelty on your own planet. The nearness of its mysteries expands you.

These experiences of awe and wonder are what we hope to share with as many people as possible.  A submersible dive embodies the experience of exploring our deep inner and outer worlds.


What if any curious individual could explore the deep sea?