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What is the Community Submersibles Project?

We are a crew of enthusiastic makers, mechanics, fabricators and dreamers who want to make community submersibles a reality! That means growing a cooperatively owned and operated club of manned submersibles that anyone can learn how to use.

 Join us here!

A submersible dive is like going to space, but if space was completely saturated with magical life. As mostly landbound creatures with the occasional foray into the shallows, we cannot prepare ourselves for the surrealism of sinking into the expanse. Your underwater spaceship insulates you from the crushing inhospitality of the deep, and the window ports disappear into the water as you descend. Once underwater, the chaotic soundscape of the exterior sea is replaced with a still and rich resonance inside your spaceship, and music can color in the aesthetic experience of the unknown. This trip has little in common with scuba diving in the same way that visiting an aquarium has little in common with scuba diving. The set of sensations you have on a submersible dive are wholly unique, and impart the well-founded feeling that you are indeed experiencing one of the most remote corners of the human experience. And then...life, endless forms most beautiful.

The desert you imagined is actually a thick soup, full of life. Suspended in the weightless abyss, a parade of aliens come into and out of view, and the creatures you meet in the darkness have no structure, texture, color or behavior in common with anything you’ve met elsewhere. Rainbow bells cast nets of glowing dots into a perfect spiral and then collapse and shoot off in a blur. Tiny eels are so thin that their bodies resonate like a ribbon in the wind as they swim through still water. Weird blobs and glowing things of unimaginable diversity spin towards you, zoom around, get run over by other zoomies, shoot things out of their bodies, change colors and disappear. There is no real way to describe what it feels like or means to be confronted with such extreme novelty on your own planet.

A submersible is a symbol of exploration and will take you to strange worlds uncharted, externally and internally. Join us to journey deeper and get down with friends!

Our Missions


Grow interest in ocean exploration through visceral experiences of human wonder.


Increase access to submersible diving and engineering by allowing members to work on and operate different types of submersibles.


Improve submersible diving safety and engage a broader audience of submersible enthusiasts through new training and education programs.


Develop culture and community around the spirit of exploration with art and gatherings that showcase the incomparable experience of exploring the deep.


What if any curious individual could explore the deep sea?